Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ferrari Central New jersey Visit

Hello Fellow Gearheads!

Yesterday, my Grandfather and I spent the day together looking at Porsche, Bentley, and Rolls Royce dealerships in Parsipanny, NJ. I asked him if we could go to Ferrari Central New Jersey in Edison and he said, "Sure."

So, 48 minutes of driving and one missed exit later, we arrived At Ferrari Central New Jersey. It has  its own secluded area behind some strip malls. My Grandfather and I walk in and to my left is a "mother freakin'" Enzo Ferrari as well as 30 more Ferraris for me to gawk at. I was taking pictures of every single car there including the Enzo (although they told me not to) ... I mean if you witnessed a beautiful car with only a 400-car production run, I'd bet you'd sneak a snap too.

The dealership's inventory mainly consisted of Ferrari 430 Scuderias, a couple Californias, a of couple 458 coupes, and couple of 458 spiders, a couple of FFs, and one Ferrari F12. Not only were the cars nice, but the staff was as well. As soon as I walked in, they asked me if I need a drink and offered me a chilled bottle of water. I talked to Pat Cianci who is the Certified Brand Ambassador at Ferrari Central NJ. Mr. Cianci, one could say, is a Ferrari nut just like myself. From what I could see, he was pretty happy with the Ferrari watch I was wearing and my overall enthusiasm seeing the cars. My Grandfather told Mr. Cianci about this very blog and he seemed impressed.

As my Grandfather and I were leaving, Mr. Cianci rushed out of the dealership and gave me a Ferrari hat and his card and said, "Mention me in your blog." So, fellow gearheads, you can see that I've done exactly that. I've heard mixed reviews about this dealership, but my experience was excellent. So, if you live in the New Jersey area, I suggest going down to Ferrari Central NJ on 816 Route 1 North in Edison, NJ 08817. The site is if you want more information.


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