Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My take on the "Fracas" incident with Jeremy Clarkson

Hello fellow Gearheads!

I sincerly apologize for the inactivity lately and I will try to be more consistent.

Today's topic will relate to Jeremy Clarkson's suspension from BBC. For those who don't know, Mr. Clarkson punched his producer, Oisin Tymon, over a lack of food. Now people all over are saying time and time again all over twitter #BringBackClarkson. As much of respect and love for the man, I disagree with what everyone is saying. I sincerely think Mr. Clarkson is a good man, but any inappropriate and violent physical contact with your producer, your boss, your superior or whomever does merit a second chance. 

James May, one of the three co-hosts on Top Gear says, "It's getting a bit ridiculous." Also, there are claims that Mr. Clarkson was drunk as well when the dispute occurred. Drunk or not, again, punching or any physical contact is unacceptable. 

Let's say a man who works for a business driving a company truck gets into an accident and the boss later finds out that this man was texting and driving. The boss fires him because of his lack of safety being on public roads. Mr. Clarkson is probably a very good employee just like the man I was talking about in my example, but his extreme lack of judgement to do that sort of action over lack of food is stupid.

On the other hand, if the producers choose to fire Mr. Clarkson (and he would deserve it), I would still have mixed feelings. Mr. Clarkson's charismatic and edgy sense of humor have made the show and established it as super-successful franchise. 

Another thing that I find complete bull-crap is that the BBC is pulling the final episodes that are left in the season. This is unfair because it punishes the fans along with Mr. Clarkson. The episodes are ready to air so it's not like they need to finish editing it. Again, why punish the TG fans like myself? I didn't tell Mr. Clarkson to punch his producer nor did the rest of the millions of fans, so why not air these final precious episodes? If the BBC wants to add money to its already deep pockets, then just air the three remaining episodes. I do like James and Richard just as much, but it won't be the same without Mr. Clarkson.

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